Crystals of Schoolchildren’s Well-Being 
-New Book Symposium-
 9. – 10. 4.2008
University of Lapland , Finland    
Faculty of Education


First announcement 7.2.2008, Free to distribute 

ArctiChildren -project has worked towards schoolchildren’s psychosocial well-being since 2002. Purpose of the project has been to promote children’s well-being through the school education. This work has contained both research and developed new practices in the cross-border collaboration in the Barents region. In the symposium both the theories and practices around the topic will be viewed. At the New book symposium the keynote speakers from Finland, Russia, Sweden and Norway will lead inspiring discussions of the schoolchildren’s health and well-being. Also the authors will present the main content of the book.

The symposium is aimed for the schoolteachers, researchers and authorities of education, social and health affairs interested in issues of children’s psychosocial well-being. Also the students are warmly welcome to the symposium.

Final registration date 31.3.2008

  • Language of the symposium is English
  • There will be translation to the Russian
  • Symposium is free of charge

Brief history of ArctiChildren project

Cross-border ArctiChildren project recognizes that issues concerning children’s psychosocial well-being have became an interest of school institution more than before. We see common challenges that children and school teachers have to face in practice in the Barents region. Those challenges relate to the confusion of identity, and symptoms in children’s mood and interaction which appear as school tiredness, loneliness and peer bullying for example. There is a need to define and examine different perspectives of children’s psychosocial well-being in order to find guidelines for teachers and make improvements possible. The issue of actualising children’s potential to grow up in healthy way is the core of the new book. During the ArctiChildren I 2002-2006 and II 2006-2008 -projects, there have been studies of the topic as well as innovative activities at the schools in the Barents region both in urban and rural settings. 

                                            Welcome to Rovaniemi!

All matters concerning registration, programme, travel, accommodation etc. should be directed to this address.
Contact Person:                           
                                                       Heli Villanen,              
                                                       Project planner   
                                                       tel. + 358 16 341 4255                    



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