1. A supranational network of the psychosocial well-being of children and youth

2. New practices and functional models connected with the psychosocial well-being of the schools in the Barents area

3. Promoting psychosocial well-being at schools in the Barents area -training programme. Training modules:

a) Promoting healthy growth and development of school aged children,
b) Education at schools
c) Collaboration between homes and schools
d) Multicultural issues in the Barents area

Training programme will carry out during the seminars and by internet-based training, also with published material

4. Seminars / conferences: a) I Dissemination Conference “School Children in the Barents area”, spring 2004, b) II Dissemination Conference “Sharing Good Practices”, spring 2005, c) III Dissemination Conference “Towards a New Functional Model”, spring 2006

5. Researchs and reports connected with carrying out the project
- reporting on the research and development activities and reporting connected with the evaluation of the project as a whole

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