Kaarina Määttä Professor of Educational Psychology, Ph.D.
Dean of the Faculty of Education
University of Lapland, Finland.

Professor Kaarina Määttä has written about 200 publications in the field of education. Her doctoral thesis:   The professional development of schoolteachers was published in 1989. After that She has been studiedand writing about love in the biographies of hundreds of Finnish people. She has written eight books about love and human relations.
Professor Kaarina Määttä has got an unofficial title of    ”Love Professor”, because of her famous lectures, interviews and books.


Mats Wahl
Author, Stockholm

Author Mats Wahl has written about 60 books, film scripts and plays. He has been working as a teacher for 18 years without any teachers training. He has also worked for ten years with out acting adolescents in special institutions. A book named “Den Onda Dagen” — a Bad Day, published 2004, was a collection of articles that was dealing with the problems in everyday school life in the Swedish school system.


Lasse Kannas
Professor of Health Education
Dean of the Department of Health Sciences
Head of the Research Center for Health Promotion
University of Jyväskylä, Finland

Professor Lasse Kannas is one of the main researchers developing the WHO survey for collecting international data about the Health and Behaviour of School aged Children (HBSC-study). Since 1983 the WHO-international survey has been conducted in every 4th   year,   at year 2002  in 35 different countries.
Lasse Kannas has effected on the development of the health education as a school subject. He is a skilled researcher of adolescents, experienced instructor of health education teachers and author of several text books on this field. 


Trygg Jakola
Director of the Education department
Office of the Finnmark county governor

Since 1996 Trygg Jakola has been Director of the Education department at the Office of the Finnmark county governor.
From 1987 he was employed by Vadsø municipality as Director of Department of Education in the municpality.From 1979-1985 he was leader of Finnmark lærerlag (Federation organizing teachers in the County of Finnmark ).
From 1973 he was employed by Vadsø municipality as headmaster at Vestre Jakobselv skole (primary school).


Galina Korchagina
Professor oh Health  Education
Head of the Health Sciences Chair,Herzen State Pedagogical University, St.Petersburg Russia

Since 2000 professor, (Head of the Health Sciences Chair), Herzen State Pedagogical University , St.Petersburg.
From 1994 she was assistant, then professor, Chair of Narcology (addiction medicine), Medical Academy of Postgraduate Studies, St.Petersburg.
From 1981 she was employed by Health Committee as a doctor, and late as Chief Doctor, City Narcological Hospital (for patients with alcohol and drug disorders), St.Petersburg.
Professor Galina Korchagina has 112 published reports on medico-social problems on alcohol and drug abuse, epidemiological problems, problems of healthy lifestyle (in specialized journals and collections in Russian - 75) and  in specialized journals and thesis at International Conferences (37). Besides she made many presentations at International meetings, WHO, the Council of Europe and other public organizations conferences.
Her Doctorate thesis was defended on the topic “New Approaches to the Drug Treatment System”.
Her professional experience in drug abuse and data collection is of more than 25 years.


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